Kunst analog nach-/machen, online Anleitungen 

    z.B. African Masks, Ancient Egyptian Art, Still Life Lessons, Dawing Animals, Dawing Portraits, Perspective Drawing, Popart Portraits, Pen and Ink Drawing, Portrait Painting, Color Theory, Graphic Design, Repeat Patterns
  • „GIMP“ ist eine Gratissoftware zur Erstellung und Veränderung von Computerbildern. Ein Mal- und Zeichenprogramm, sowie für Fotobearbeitung. Sehr ähnlich zu Photoshop.
    GIMP kann auf fast jeden PC aus dem Internet heruntergeladen werden.






Kunst digital nach-/machen, online, interaktiv

        (…) If you prefer using these programs without a network connection, try our CD-ROMs. The standalone programs are compatible with Windows and Mac OS, and they do not require the Adobe Shockwave plug-in. The

free CD set includes some of our most popular interactive programs: Brushster, Dutch House, Faces and Places, Jungle, Photo Op, Sea-Saws, and Still Life. To install all eight programs at once, order the Art Zone „combo“ disc pictured above. (…) (© 2013 National Gallery of Art, Washington)


  1. Sea-Saws
    Create an animated seascape or an abstract composition by arranging photographs of natural and man-made objects found near the shore.
  2. Brushster
    Create an interactive abstract painting with 40 brushes, a full-color palette, and special effects.
  3. Faces & Places
    Create animated portraits and landscape paintings in the style of American naive artists.
  4. Jungle
    Create a tropical landscape filled with tigers, monkeys, and other exotic creatures.
  5. Still Life
    Create an interactive still life that mirrors the paintings of the old masters.
  6. Dutch House
    Decorate a 17th-century dollhouse as you explore the kitchen, living quarters, artist’s studio, and courtyard of a make-believe Dutch house.
  7. Photo Op
    Photo Op is a two-part interactive introduction to digital photography. Snap some pictures, then use the image editing software to add kaleidoscopic special effects, warps, and blends.
  8. Collage Machine
    Construct a collage by dragging and dropping photo snippets, words, numbers, background colors, and textured shapes. Collage Machine is fun for all ages.
  9. Flow
    Flow is a motion painting machine. Enjoy the changing patterns and colors as you create and combine pictures on overlapping layers.
  10. Paintbox
    Choose a background image or start with a blank slate, then draw something in Paintbox. Add warps and other special effects to make silly pictures.
  11. Swatchbox
    SwatchBox is a painting tool that lets you mix millions of colors. Experiment with different hues, shades, and values, then combine your favorites to create your own color palette.
  12. Wallovers
    Wallovers are symmetrical decorations painted on a virtual wall. Select a grid, pattern, and background color, then create your own interlaced patterns.
  13. 3-D Twirler
    Use 3-d Twirler to design and texturize three-dimensional geometric shapes and set them in motion.
  14. Mobile
    Design a moving sculpture and take it for a spin. Try to balance the shapes and colors.
  15. Pixelface
    This interactive portrait maker has 49 colors and 24 brushes. Draw freehand or use the AUTO mode for surprising effects.

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