Andy Warhol, Screen Test: Nico, 1966, 16mm film transferred to DVD, Black-and-white, silent, 4 minutes at 16 frames per second
Ai WeiweiNeolithic Vase with Coca-Cola Logo, 2010, Paint on Neolithic vase (5000-3000 BC)
Andy WarholMarilyn Monroe’s Lips, 1962, Synthetic polymer, silkscreen, and graphite on canvas
Andy Warhol, Cow Wallpaper [Pink on Yellow], 1966, Screen print on wallpaper
Jeff Koons, Michael Jackson and Bubbles, 1988, Porcelain
Andy WarholBrillo Soap Pads Box, 1964, Silkscreen and enamel on plywood
Douglas GordonSelf-Portrait as Kurt Cobain, 1996. C-Print
Karen KilimnikMarie Antoinette out for a walk at her petite Hermitage, France, 1750, 2005, Oil on canvas
Chuck ClosePhil, 1969, Synthetic polymer on canvas
Jeff Koons, Wall Relief with Bird, 1991, Polychromed wood
Alex Katz, Lita, 1964, Oil on canvas
Hans HaackeTaking Stock (unfinished), 1983-1984, Acrylic on canvas with artist’s frame
Gerhard Richter, Helga Matura, 1966, Oil on canvas
Kelley WalkerBlack Star Press; Black Star, Black Press, Star, 2004, Digiprint with silkscreened white, milk, dark chocolate on canvas
Nan GoldinFrench Chris on the Convertible, NYC, 1979, Silver dye bleach print
Cindy Sherman, Untitled, 1982, Chromogenic print
Sigmar PolkePlastik-Wannen, 1964, Oil on canvas
Elizabeth PeytonBlue Kurt, 1995, Oil on canvas
Forty Years of Sensational Headlines from Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol and Keith HaringUntitled (Madonna, I’m Not Ashamed), 1985, synthetic polymer, Day-Glo, and acrylic on canvas
Andy Warhol, Flash – November 22, 1963, 1968, pages of Teletype text by Phillip Greer, three additional screenprints & cloth cover
Andy Warhol, Writer Sandra Hochman posing for Harper’s Bazaar, June 1963, from Time Capsule 21, 1963, 1 of 3 photobooth strips
Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel BasquiatAiling Ali In Fight of Life, 1984, acrylic and oil stick on canvas
Andy Warhol‘s Fascination with Photographs as Personal Documents
overview over different aspects of color in the prints / Überblick über diverse Aspekte von Farbbehandlung in den Drucken:
what ist shape, 
what is positive and negative space, 
Andy Warhol‘s printing process, 
color theory, shades/tints from the same color, neutral colors, analogus /complementary colors, value

Stichwortartiger Textauszug der Webseite:
„What is Pop art“, 
„Exploring Andy Warhol’s techniques“, 
„Blotting, Screenprinting, Reproduction and Repetition“, 
„Warhol’s film and television“, Sculpture, 
„Themes in Andy Warhol’s work“, 
„Portraits, Commodities, 
Warhol’s Silver Factory, Time Capsules“




  • Unterrichtsmaterial: “ Andy Warhol: Motion Pictures/Design seen at Moma“ (engl./deutsch, db artmag 19, , Copyright Deutsche Bank 2004, Quelle: db-artmag.com),
„Maschinen haben weniger Probleme, ich möchte eine Maschine sein« lautete Warhols an Marcel Duchamp angelehnte Devise, 
mit der der Pop Künstler den Ausstieg aus der Kunst erklärt.“


Animiertes Foto/Gif „Nico“ nach einem Foto von Andy Warhol (Quelle: snowce.tumblr.com)

Animierte Fotos/Gif „the silver factory“,(Quelle: monikawarhola.tumblr.com) 

Animierte Filmstills/Gif „Andy Warhol holding a TV “ (Quelle: meandthemoon2.tumblr.com)

Animierte Filmstills „Andy Warhol eating a hamburger“ aus einem Film von Andy Warhol (Quelle: motelsisters.tumblr.com)

Poster/Gif „Warhol and Basquiat“ (Quelle: daflyingpumpkin.tumblr.com)

Animierter Siebdruck/Gif „C ampbell’s soup“ nach einem Siebdruck von Andy Warhol (Quelle: g1ft3d.com)


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