Abbildung: Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Turmbau zu Babel / Tower of Babel / La Tour de Babel / Torre de Babel (span.)/ Torre di Babele (ita.), 1563, Medium: Öl auf Holz / Olio su Tavola, Dimensions / Größe 114 × 155 cm




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Unbekannter Meister, Deutschland, Der Turm zu Babel, 1590
Die drei berühmten Varianten des Turmbaus zu Babel von Pieter Bruegel
Turmbau zu Babel, um 1560
Turmbau zu Babel, um 1560
Turmbau zu Babel, 1563
Meister des Herzogs von Bedford, Der Turmbau zu Babel, 1423, Buchillustration
Französische Bibelillustration, 13. Jahrhundert
Weltchronik in Versen, Miniatur: Der Turmbau zu Babel, um 1370


  • Bildblätter/Details: Gemälde „Turmbau zu Babel“, 1563, von Pieter Bruegel der Ältere (Copyright: Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Quelle: bilddatenbank.khm.at)


Maciejowski Tower of Babel (probably middle ages), source: wikimedia.org

First Master of the Bible historiale of Jean de Berry (French, active about 1390 – about 1400), The Building of the Tower of Babel, detached leaf, date: about 1390 – 1400, „Tempera colors, colored washes, gold leaf, and ink on parchment“ source/photographer: xgEMj9P0OWqXNQ at Google Cultural Institute, wikimedia.org

English: Babel, Español: Torre de Babel Date Middle age (Edad Media) Source Nuova Cronica, wikimedia.org Author Unknown

painter unknown (illuminator), The Construction of the Tower of Babel, folio A miniature showing the building of the Tower of Babel accompanies Rudolf von Ems’s retelling of the Old Testament story. The dapperly dressed King Nimrod, at left, supervises the construction of the tower by workers. The building procedures probably mirror medieval practices closely. The laborers stand on wooden scaffolding with beams inserted into the walls through put holes. Two rows of put holes are visible below the windows, showing earlier stages of the scaffolding. The workers also hoist bricks and stone to the upper levels using a pulley system. The artist’s representation of the technology and clothing of his own time was designed to make the biblical event more accessible to his audience. The bold colors and simple forms give the work an engaging vibrancy, which also draws in the viewer. These features of Bavarian art stand in contrast to the jewel-like color, linearity, and demure physical types of the International style that flourished in painting and manuscript illumination made for many European courts during the same years in which this manuscript was made. date: about 1400 – 1410 with addition in 1487, „Tempera colors, gold, silver paint, and ink on parchment“, source, photographer: 9QFIHRR9xwhvhg at Google Cultural Institute, wikimedia.org

artist: Master of the Munich Golden Legends, Old Testament miniature. The Building of the Tower of Babel. Building works include stones being raised on pulleys, wooden platforms, from which a man falls, and mixing mortar. Stone being carried by a camel. In foreground, stonemasons working with their tools, date: between 1414 and 1423, Sorce: Image taken from Bedford Hours, originally published/produced in Paris; 1414-1423, held and digitised by the British Library, wikimedia.org

Babel tower construction – mosaic in Monreale Cathedral, Photo: Sibeaster, Quelle: wikimedia.org

The Tower of Babel, from a Russian manuscript of Cosmas Indicopleustes, date: 1539, source: scanned from: В. Д. Сарабьянов, Э. С. Смирнова. История древнерусской живописи. М., ПСТГУ, 2007, стр. 586, author: anonymous, wikimedia.org

Pieter Brueghel the Elder, Tower of Babel, 1563, oil on oak, source, photographer: unknown, wikimdia.org

The Tower of Babel, unknown master, german (active at the end of 16th century in Nuremberg), date: 1590s, wood, Source/Photographer Web Gallery of Art, wikimedi.org

The Tower of Babel, Hendrick van Cleve, 16th century, oil, source/photographer: repro from art book, original at /www.kmm.nl, wikimedia.org

Abel Grimmer, work period circa 1586%u20131620: The Tower of Babel, unknown date, oil on panel, source/photographer: FAZ online, 28 November 2011, wikimedia.org

Tower of Babel, Marten van Valckenborch, ca. 1600, painting, repro from artbook, original at Towneley Hall, Burnley, England Quelle: wikimedia.org

Lucas van Valckenborch: The Tower of Babel, 1595, oil on oak, source/photographer: repro from art book, original at Mittelrhein-Museum Koblenz, wikimedia.org

The Tower of Babel by the Belgian artist Paul Gosselin – Miniature – Style:Baroque, Photo: Paulgosselin, 2012, Quelle: wikimedia.org

The Tower of Babel by painter Tobias Verhaecht, between 1585 and 1600, oil on canvas, Source/Photographer: vads.ac.uk/large.php?uid=85369

Athanasius Kircher. Turris Babel… , 1649, print, 2914, source: digi.ub.uni-heidelberg.de/diglit/kircher1679/0059, wikimedia.org

Why the Tower Could Not Reach the Moon, displayed in the book Turris, Amstelodami, Jansson-Waesberge 1679 by Athanasius Kircher’s Principis Christiani archetypon politicum, print, date: 17th century, source: mjt.org/exhibits/bigbabel.html, author unknown

The Phillip Medhurst Picture Torah 71, Building the Tower of Babel. Genesis cap 11 v 3. Borcht, date: 2000, print, source, author: Phillip Medhurst, wikimedia.org

Tower of Babel, printed drawing of the Tower of babel, or Nimrods Tower, Quelle/Source: Wellcome Images, a website operated by Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation based in the United Kingdom. library reference: EPB 30043, photo number: L0046621 Source/Photographer: wellcomeimages.org/indexplus/obf_images/3f/b3/ba00841f378fb094b9c12eedfce5.jpg

View of the ruins of the Tower of Babel, Description de L’Universe (Alain Manesson Mallet, 1719), date 1683/1685/1719 source : columbia.edu/itc/mealac/pritchett/00generallinks/mallet/turkey/aa_turkey.html, wikimedia.org

photo: Possible remnant of the tower of Babel, 1916, photograph: unknown, source: Popular Science Monthly Volume 88, wikimedia.org

cartoon by D. McCarthy shows the construction of a skyscraper., date: 20 February 1898, source: New York World (via the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum, library.osu.edu/blogs/cartoons/2013/04/02/found-in-the-collection-d-mccarthys-american-sky-scraper, wikimedia.org

Ausschnitt des Panoramabildes von Werner Tübke in Bad Frankenhausen, 2014, source, photograph: Vwpolonia75 (Jens K. Müller, Hamburg), wikimedia.org

Torre di Babele, artist: Hill, graphic art, date: 2010, source: wikimedia.org





Die biblische Erzählung
Theologische Deutung
Historische Bezüge
Turmbau-Sagen in anderen Kulturen
Der Turmbau zu Babel in der Bildenden Kunst
„Babylonische Verwirrung“ als „Geflügeltes Wort“



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