English: „Big Pumpkin“ sculpture by artist Erwin Wurm (…) in Amsterdam 2013, Foto: Mersina, Quelle: wikimedia.org

Erwin Wurm – One Minute Sculptures




‚UFO‘ (2006) von Erwin Wurm, 2012, Foto: FaceMePLS, Quelle: wikimedia.org 

‚house attack“, temporary installation by Erwin Wurm, 2007, Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Quelle: infoturisti.com, via: wikimedia.org

Salzburg, Furtwänglerpark, Skulpturengruppe „Gurken“ von Erwin Wurm, 2013, Photo: Andreas Praefcke, Quelle: wikimedia.org


Erwin Wurm, One Minute Eternities, when Everything is Possible
Erwin Wurm, Manifesting the Human Body in the 21st Century
Erwin Wurm Positing Sculpture as an Act of Changing Mass and Volume
Erwin Wurm, Re-envisioned Tradition in Light of Re-envisioned Reality
Erwin Wurm, One-Minute Sculptures, Shadows of Freud and Spinoza

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„I knew from a fairly early age, about 15 or so, that I wanted to be an artist. The problem was, my father was a detective in the police. In his view, artists were almost as suspect as criminals‘, explains Austrian artist Erwin Wurm. He obviously withstood his father’s objections to his artistic ambitions and followed his vocation. Good for him and for us, because Erwin Wurm is now one of the most successful contemporary artists in the Northern hemisphere.We too love Erwin Wurm. He’s right up there with the zeitgeist. He speaks our language – the language of pop culture, tv, movies, comics and science fiction. And even though he’s had solos at some of the most prestigious museums and art galleries around the globe, Wurm dares not to take art, the art world, or himself all too seriously. „I want to reach more than just an elite circle of insiders“, says Wurm. And he did. Even if you’ve never seen one of Wurm’s shows, you’ll still know his work indirectly from The Red Hot Chilli Peppers‘ ‚Can’t Stop‘ music video. The video is nothing less than a tribute to Erwin Wurm’s work. It’s filled with Wurm-style concepts and sculptural jokes inspired by his one-minute sculptures. Big Kudos to the Peppers for recognizing the influence Wurm had on their video.This one-minute sculptures project is our biggest favorite. Proving that you don’t need to carve into a hundred tons of marble for six months to make a nice sculpture, Wurm does one in a minute. These quickie sculptures are based on simple, but powerful ideas that involve one or more models posing with objects in a unusual way for nothing more than a fleeting moment, really. Wurm documents his ’sculptures‘ on camera. What’s you have, then, is a photograph that’s part of an ongoing series of intriguing, original images that just hijack your attention. (…)“ (Textauszug der Webseite, Quelle: prettycoolpeopleinterviews.submarinechannel.nl, youtube.com)

  • Dokumentarfilmclip: „Erwin Wurm Exhibition in Bonn | euromaxx“ im Kunstmuseum Bonn (engl., Dauer/duration: 4:21 Min., Deutsche Welle – DW English, 2010, Quelle: youtube.com)
  • Videoclip: „One Minute Sculpture“ nach Erwin Wurm (ohne Ton/ silent, Dauer/duration: 1:01 Min., Gestaltung/Video: Time project number two featuring Andie and Loren. By Andie Chang, 2010, Quelle: youtube.com)





Was sind Skulpturen? – Benenne fünf Merkmale von Skulpturen
Vergleich: Welche Besonderheiten kannst Du im Vergleich bei Wurms Skulpturen erkennen?
Beobachtungsbogen: Steinskulptur – Erwin Wurm
Was sollen andere über meine Skulptur denken?
Was denke ich über meine Skulptur?

  • Text-/Bildblätter: Erwin Wurm: Ikonen unter sich“ (Text: Johanna Hofleitner, 2008, Die Presse – Schaufenster, mit einem Vorwort von Verena Riegler, Quelle: brgneuleoben.at)
Das Besondere an Wurms Kunst
Aktion „Haus auf dem Dach“
Initiative für Herzensbildung
Erwin Wurm über seine Arbeit

„Über die Schräglage des Avantgarde-Begriffs am Beispiel von Erwin Wurm und Stephanie Trojan„, „Mythen des Alltags“ den „Red Hot Chilli Peppers“ und „Can’t Stop“ (Textauszüge der Webseite)

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