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ETALAB – Extra-Terrestrial Architecture Laboratory – Papiermodelle – Architectual Models


Softroom and Sarah Wigglesworth Architects as well as the participants in the Tate in Space Student Architecture Competition have created models designed to be downloaded and assembled at home. To view and download the models for self assembly you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader v4 or above on your computer.“ (text from the website:

ETALAB – Extra-Terrestrial Architecture Laboratory for Tate in Space
Extra-Terrestrial Architecture Laboratory (ETALAB) is an innovative architectural office specialising in the design and implementation of real and virtual high-technology environments. (…)“
Softroom’s model for Tate in Space
Softroom is an architecture studio based in Soho, London. (…) Softroom are developing designs for Space Island, a proposal to build the first commercial space station in earth orbit, scheduled to begin construction this decade. (…)“
Sarah Wigglesworth’s model for Tate in Space
Sarah Wigglesworth Architects. The practice is interested in making buildings which employ readily available materials in a highly inventive way (…).“ (text excerpts of the website

 Click Here to Download StudioCousins Tate in Space Model

 Click Here to Download David Rickard’s Tate in Space Model

 Click on both part 1 and part 2 to download Manuel Carballo Amat ’s Tate in Space Model

 Click Here to Download Dejan Mrdja’s Tate in Space Proposal

 Click Here to Download Graham Gibbon and Vincent Young’s Tate in Space Model

 Click Here to Download Jakob Bohme and Andreas Fraueneder’s Tate in Space Model

 Click Here to Download Ebevax’s Tate in Space Model

 Click Here to Download Oke Hauser and Max Schwitalla’s Tate in Space Model

 Click Here to Download Manuela Martorelli’s Tate in Space Model

 Click Here to Download David Wong’s Tate in Space Model

 Click Here to Download Softroom’s Tate Space Island Model

 Click Here to Download Sarah Wigglesworth’s Tate in Space Model


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